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At Optimal Wellness Medical in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Steve Lasater focuses on his patients and provides treatment based on their individual needs, not on what an insurance company deems appropriate. Through a comprehensive initial visit that typically lasts three to four hours, as well as hour-long routine appointments, Dr. Lasater provides a full range of anti-aging medical treatments, including bioidentical hormone replacement, cholesterol and triglyceride management, and cardiovascular risk reduction. He also offers a variety of MedSpa procedures including Botox®, Laser/Intensed Pulsed Light skin rejuvenation, and the innovative body-contouring treatment, CoolSculpting®.

With over three decades of clinical experience, Dr. Lasater emphasizes the importance of listening to each patient’s concerns to make certain that his treatment plan addresses their individual needs. With his patients’ best interest always at heart, he helps both men and women achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Dr. Lasater earned his undergraduate degree from Rice University then attended the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He completed his residency at Broadlawns Medical Center (affiliated with the University of Iowa College of Medicine) and a fellowship at St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Lasater has been certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, the American Board of Bariatric (Obesity) Medicine, the American Board of Clinical Lipidology, and the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

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