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Testosterone replacement 

Man Drinking Coffee In Front Of A Window | Testosterone Replacement

Invigorate your body’s natural testosterone levels. Whether it manifests as low libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), hair loss, decreased muscle strength, or fatigue, low testosterone can affect men of all ages. Dr. Steve Lasater, a specialist in bioidentical testosterone replacement, can help reduce your symptoms, including addressing any androgen deficiencies.


Couple Kissing Behind A Hat | P-Shot

If your erections aren’t as strong or long-lasting as they used to be, you may have erectile dysfunction. Dr. Steve Lasater, MD, an anti-aging expert at Optimal Wellness Medical, restores function, virility, and pleasure with the groundbreaking P-shot®.

CoolSculpting For Belly Fat, Love Handles & Man Boobs

Body contouring is easy with CoolSculpting®. Even when you eat right and exercise regularly, sometimes those stubborn fat areas just won’t go away. Dr. Steve Lasater offers innovative CoolSculpting® treatments for all of those troublesome areas. 


Botox Before And After

Fine lines and wrinkles may be a common occurrence of natural aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit idly by and let your skin show the signs. Optimal Wellness Medical offers a wide variety of anti-aging treatments, including Botox®, to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and expression lines.

cholesterol management

Cholesterol Management Graphic

Cholesterol can be an indicator of severe health problems that might otherwise go undetected. At Optimal Wellness Medical in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Steve Lasater is a board-certified physician who specializes in cholesterol management and triglycerides. He not only monitors your cholesterol, but he also uses advanced clinical testing to determine your risk of cardiovascular disease and then works with you to lower it.

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